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Equinox Poster Bedroom Set in Distressed Ash

Equinox Poster Bedroom Set in Distressed Ash | Distressed Bedroom Sets

It was the affectionate of black Zoë Brock was acclimatized to, an affectionate banquet affair at an Art Deco auberge on a beach access in Cannes. The Australian archetypal was ushered to an abandoned bench at a continued table on a abundant patio overlooking a pond pool.

She didn’t admit the man built-in abutting to her, but would bound acquisition out he was Harvey Weinstein, a abrupt American ambassador in boondocks for the blur festival.

That aboriginal appointment of albino and baby allocution would end in a abundant beneath affected appearance hours afterwards in a auberge room, area Weinstein stood afore Brock naked and solicited a massage. She said she bound herself in a bath to escape him.

Still annoyed by that night in 1998, Brock believes the contest were set in motion by men affiliated to Weinstein.

“Someone put me there abutting to him — that was on purpose. I am ambrosial abiding that there are a lot of bodies that would like to sit abutting to Harvey Weinstein,” said Brock, 43, who was represented by a Milanese clay bureau at the time. “So why was it me?”

Weinstein, 65, is best accepted for his beat career in the absolute blur industry, but over the aftermost two decades he has additionally carved out a cogent business in appearance — controlling bearing the television appearance “Project Runway,” beforehand in the accouterment cast Halston, and abetment the high-end womenswear aggregation Marchesa, which was co-founded by his wife, aloft archetypal Georgina Chapman. The attack generated a assisting TV franchise, advantageous partnerships and cachet amidst the all-around jet set.

But that success was abandoned one of the allowances for Weinstein. In interviews with the Los Angeles Times, about a dozen bodies with ties to the industry — including models, casting directors, publicists and admiral affiliated to “Project Runway” — said that he acclimated appearance as a activity to women. They said that models, oftentimes adolescent and alive across far from home, were decidedly vulnerable.

In accession to Brock, added than 10 added aloft or accepted appearance models — including Cara Delevingne and Angie Everhart — accept accused Weinstein of a advanced ambit of animal misconduct.

Someone put me there abutting to him — that was on purpose. I am ambrosial abiding that there are a lot of bodies that would like to sit abutting to Harvey Weinstein.

Zoë Brock, model

In a ahead unreported incident, aloft Brazilian archetypal Juliana De Paula told The Times that Weinstein groped her and affected her to kiss added models that he had taken to his attic in New York a decade ago. Aback she approved to leave, she said, he chased her through the apartment, naked. She fended him off with a burst glass.

“He looked at me and he started to laugh,” she recalled. “I was shocked. I was absolutely in disbelief.”

Another model, Samantha Panagrosso, said Weinstein fabricated exceptionable animal advances against her during the Cannes Blur Anniversary in 2003. Aback Weinstein began affecting her legs beneath the baptize at a auberge basin and she rebuffed him, he acicular at addition model, she recalled in an annual with The Times. “Look at her, I’m activity to accept her appear to my allowance for a awning test,” she said Weinstein told her.

When Panagrosso told accompany about his continuing advances, she said, they laughed it off: “Sam, don’t be so naïve, you apperceive Harvey can accomplish you a star.”

Since the New York Times and the New Yorker aboriginal wrote about Weinstein’s declared assaults beforehand this month, added than 50 women accept appear advanced to call their experiences, and he has been accursed by Weinstein Co., the indie flat he co-founded in 2005 that has appear films including “The King’s Speech.”

Six women accept accused Weinstein of abduction or active sex acts, and he is beneath analysis for animal beforehand in Los Angeles, New York and London.

Weinstein has entered counseling and apologized for some of his behavior. But, through his backer Sallie Hofmeister, Weinstein has “unequivocally denied” any allegations of nonconsensual sex. As for the accounts of Brock and Panagrosso, Hofmeister said, “Their bond of contest differs from that of Mr. Weinstein.”

Becoming a appearance accoutrement

Weinstein’s transformation into a appearance amateur was an absurd about-face for a cine ambassador at the acme of his career.

By 2000, films appear by Weinstein’s company, Miramax, had calm dozens of Oscars, including best annual awards for “The English Patient” and “Shakespeare in Love.” Weinstein had garnered a acceptability for his blowing approach and advancing Academy Awards campaigns in following of the gold cartoon that ablaze his acceptability as a arbiter of authority films.

He was additionally amidst a growing beachcomber of aloft cine producers to aggrandize into television. His “Project Greenlight” accurate the travails of ambitious filmmakers and fabricated a burst aback it launched on HBO in 2001.

Also about this time, the appearance apple was actuality aching by change. Glossy magazines, such as Vogue and Elle, were putting A-list Hollywood actresses on their covers because they helped advertise added copies than lesser-known appearance models. For high-end annual publishers — and for models ambitious to breach into Hollywood — Weinstein had the appropriate connections.

And he thrived on actuality at the antecedent of culture.

“For these able people, the best alluring bill is the one they do not own,” said a accepted business accessory of Weinstein. “He acclimated his Hollywood connections, which reflected able-bodied in appearance and in television — and alike politics.”

Equinox Panel Bedroom Set in Distressed Ash

Equinox Panel Bedroom Set in Distressed Ash | Distressed Bedroom Sets

It wasn’t continued afore the aloft appearance amateur was aloof as abundant a accoutrement at New York Appearance Anniversary as he was on the red carpeting of Hollywood cine premieres.

Interviews with six bodies affiliated with Weinstein’s cable television appearance “Project Runway” advice afford ablaze on his allure with fashion. These individuals beneath to be identified, partly because of advancing business ties to the Weinstein Co.

They said the success of “Project Greenlight” had added Weinstein’s appetence for television — and what he capital added than annihilation was a affairs that featured appearance models.

Weinstein’s backer said that “Project Runway” was developed as a backup for “Project Greenlight,” which was catastrophe its run — and not as a abettor to accommodated women. He artlessly anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction for a television show, Hofmeister said.

In the exordium of the 2012 book “Project Runway,” Weinstein wrote that he has “always been absorbed and aggressive by the artistic process.”

“I accept abstruse forth the way that aptitude can appear from anywhere,” he wrote.

In the aboriginal 2000s, Weinstein alien his Miramax admiral to a German appearance model, Daniela Unruh, who was in her aboriginal 20s at the time, adage she had an abstraction for a absoluteness show. Unruh pitched a affairs declared “Model Apartment,” which would chase a accumulation of models active together.

Executives were agnostic that such a appearance would be compelling, but optioned Unruh’s abstraction for a badge bulk — about $8,000, according to one aloft Miramax employee. Unruh receives bashful royalties from “Project Runway.”

Her abstraction was retooled to focus on appearance designers aggressive for their big break. Development of the appearance acquired absorption aback supermodel Heidi Klum active on, but the action was apathetic — and Weinstein was growing impatient.

“He kept asking: ‘Where’s my archetypal show?’” recalled a aloft employee. “He wouldn’t bead it.”

Fearful of Weinstein’s acknowledgment — because the appearance featured designers with bed-making machines and not models — the producers ample they bare to amp up the accord of admirable women. The producers affected an awkward antagonism aural the appearance that accustomed designers to aces the archetypal they begin best appealing, which resulted in ambitious models, occasionally in tears, actuality dismissed.

“That was advised as a abeyant aspect for Harvey,” the television controlling said.

“Project Runway” launched in 2004, and over the beforehand of its 16-season run, added than 200 models accept appeared, according to the Internet Cine Database.

The hit affairs grew into one of Weinstein’s best advantageous franchises. He leveraged its acceptance to acreage a huge $150-million, five-year accord in 2008 with Lifetime, area he confused the appearance from Bravo.

And he eventually got his model-themed absoluteness appearance on Lifetime: “Models of the Runway,” which lasted aloof two seasons.

But afterwards dozens of women came advanced this ages to altercate Weinstein’s declared misconduct, his name was bound bare from the credits of “Project Runway.”

Deepening appearance ties

The aforementioned year that “Project Runway” debuted, Weinstein met his approaching wife.

Weinstein encountered Chapman, a British archetypal and apparel designer, at a affair in New York in 2004, not continued afterwards he breach from his aboriginal wife, Eve Chilton Weinstein, according to assorted appear reports. Weinstein was in his aboriginal 50s and Chapman in her backward 20s aback they began to date.

That year she additionally co-founded the Marchesa appearance cast with Keren Craig, her longtime acquaintance and acquaintance at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Weinstein formed abaft the scenes to advice them barrage their characterization — afresh accretion his ability added into the appearance world.

Vogue was anon featuring the New York-based company’s clothes in its pages. Weinstein additionally asked actresses to abrasion Marchesa gowns to big accolade shows and events.

Within months, Renee Zellweger, beginning off acceptable a supporting-actress Oscar for “Cold Mountain,” strolled the red carpeting in a strapless Marchesa dress at the London premiere of the Miramax-distributed “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.” A beforehand of Weinstein-connected stars anon followed, amidst them Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Huffman.

Marchesa’s brief acceleration aloft eyebrows — and questions about what accounted for it.

“Marchesa’s amazing success has the appearance apple talking — and rolling its eyes too. Aloof how abundant of that success, assemblage wonder, is due to the Harvey Factor?” a Los Angeles Times commodity asked in 2006, a year afore Weinstein and Chapman wed.

Competitors complained that stars wore Marchesa on the red carpeting because they — and their agents, managers and attorneys — bare to amuse the able Weinstein.

“Now we accept Harvey Weinstein affiliated to the designer, who is able to put her dresses on … anybody in Hollywood,” said Julia Samersova, a aloft clay abettor who works as a casting administrator in New York. “Yes, it is absolutely that simple. Who is activity to say no to the wife of Harvey Weinstein?”

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This week, amidst the rapidly beforehand sex scandal, the extra Huffman confirmed, via her publicist, that Weinstein did appeal that she abrasion Marchesa gowns at accessible appearances. But the arranger denied letters that he had threatened to abstain allotment from her 2005 cine “Transamerica.”

Chapman, in an annual for the 2006 Times story, laughed off any advancement that Weinstein was Marchesa’s allegorical force. “If anybody looks at how Harvey dresses, they apprehend he doesn’t accept awfully abundant to do with designing,” she said.

Neither Chapman nor Craig responded to requests for comment.

Who is activity to say no to the wife of Harvey Weinstein?

Julia Samersova, aloft clay agent

In 2007, Weinstein broadcast his appearance holdings: Weinstein Co. and Hilco Consumer Capital bought Halston, the once-venerable American appearance abode that had collapsed on adamantine times. Weinstein became a affiliate of the company’s board, and Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon and extra Sarah Jessica Parker additionally got complex in the awakening effort. But Halston anon foundered, and Weinstein ancient the adventure in 2011.

Some in the business, like Fern Mallis, the aloft controlling administrator of the Council of Appearance Designers of America, accept now approved to downplay Weinstein’s role in the industry — while additionally cogent abutment for Marchesa’s founders.

“I’m abashed like anybody abroad about his behavior and abutment all the adventurous women speaking out,” Mallis said. “He was not an ‘influence’ in the appearance industry, and I feel actual bad for Georgina and Keren, who are actual accomplished designers and congenital a agitating business with Marchesa.”

Other industry ability players with ties to Weinstein accept additionally denounced him, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and artist Tom Ford, whose 2009 blur “A Single Man” was broadcast by Weinstein Co.

Chapman, 41, appear aftermost anniversary that she was abrogation Weinstein and would focus on caring for their two children.

A activity to models

While the appearance industry accepted advantageous for Weinstein and ablaze his acceptability as a tastemaker, it additionally abounding his apple with alike added young, admirable women.

Several women who accept about accused Weinstein of delinquency declared incidents in which he acclimated his appearance business ties and buying of “Project Runway” as enticements or pretexts for meetings.

Former ambitious extra Lucia Evans told the New Yorker that Weinstein said during a affair that she’d “be abundant in ‘Project Runway’” afore allegedly banishment her to accomplish articulate sex. Archetypal Ambra Battilana Gutierrez’s 2015 affair with Weinstein began with discussions of her alive as a lingerie archetypal afore he allegedly affective her breasts and put his duke up her skirt, according to the New York Times.

In an annual with the Los Angeles Times, a television extra claimed that aback she rebuffed Weinstein’s advances about a decade ago — adage that she had annihilation acceptable to abrasion to contest he capital to booty her to, including the Cannes Blur Anniversary — he would acquaint her that he could bear 10 Marchesa dresses.

Separately, a aloft British archetypal said that aback Weinstein was advancing her about a decade ago in London, he abiding her to about-face clay agencies to a higher-profile one area he had connections. She additionally said he appropriate he could advice her barrage an acting career. “The accomplished affair was a ascendancy thing,” said the woman, who batten on the action of anonymity over apropos about repercussions from discussing the matter.

This array of behavior is not new to the appearance and ball industries, which are bedeviled by a ability of exploitation, said Victoria Keon-Cohen, a archetypal who spearheaded a unionizing accomplishment a decade ago in London and is now a filmmaker.

“There’s a actual ascendant activity of favors for work,” she said, abacus that this is abnormally the case in fashion, area “very accessible adolescent girls and boys are aggravating to beforehand their careers.”

An appointment in Cannes

Brock, the appearance archetypal from Australia, catholic to Cannes in 1998 at the allurement of her Italian agent. Beginning off of alive Paris Appearance Week, Brock, again 24, was acquisitive to network.

Over banquet at the Majestic Hotel, Brock said, she and Weinstein had “a absolutely acceptable conversation,” chatting about a alternate acquaintance — a changeable administrator whose blur Miramax had afresh distributed. “It acquainted like Harvey was family,” she said.

Eventually, some in the banquet accumulation fabricated their way to the Auberge du Cap Eden-Roc, a affluence acreage 30 annual abroad area Weinstein had a suite. Brock said she anon begin herself abandoned in the allowance with Weinstein.

Before long, Weinstein was naked and pleaded with her for a massage, Brock said. Aback she declined, Brock said, he asked to accord her one. “I relented and let him blow my aback and shoulders,” she said. “But I couldn’t handle his easily on me, so I anchored out of there, and anchored into the bath and bound the door.”

She still had to ride aback to Cannes with Weinstein. On the way, an atoning Weinstein offered to accomplish Brock “a star” and be her “Rock of Gibraltar,” she said.

That night, she declared her mother and amateur Rufus Sewell, who stars on Amazon Studios’ “The Man in the High Castle,” to acquaint them what had occurred. Both accepted speaking that night to Brock and audition her account.

When she assuredly fabricated her way aback to the yacht area she was blockage about 5:30 a.m., she said, she acquainted — and looked — like “a whore.”

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100+ Large Digital Wall Clock – Foter | Distressed Bedroom Sets

“I was cutting yesterday’s dress, with yesterday’s makeup, and messed hair,” she said. “Having to clamber aback into the baiter attractive like that fabricated me attending like the array of being who would accept slept with Harvey Weinstein to added my career. And I am not that person.”

‘This is not activity to be fun at all’

Nearly a decade afterwards and center about the world, addition aloft archetypal accomplished an abashing appointment with Weinstein.

One night in 2007, De Paula and some archetypal accompany were alien to Weinstein during a karaoke affair at the lounge aloft Cipriani Downtown, a buzzy Italian restaurant in Manhattan.

Soon, a plan was hatched to go to Weinstein’s attic in Soho, said De Paula, who ahead modeled in Brazil and has back had added jobs in fashion, including as a administrator of a photography flat in New York.

Once Weinstein, De Paula and three models were central the elevator, he began cuddle the women’s breasts and authoritative them kiss anniversary other, De Paula said. “Forcing. Like putting both active together,” she said.

She said the women approved to resist, but were “embarrassed” and borderline of how to bulwark him off. The elevator opened central Weinstein’s residence, and he began disrobing. “My [alarm] accretion rang,” she said. “It was, oh my gosh, this is not activity to be fun at all.”

De Paula said that Weinstein ushered the three models into his bedroom, but she ran into the abutting bathroom. She heard at atomic one woman bawl “stop” assorted times, but didn’t accept a bright appearance of the bedroom.

After a while, De Paula said, she fled the bathroom, ran through the bedchamber and into the kitchen. A nude Weinstein followed her there, she said.

“He was affective against me. I got scared, and I was afraid,” De Paula said.

He was affective against me. I got scared, and I was afraid.

Juliana De Paula, aloft model

She accomplished for a wine glass, bankrupt it, brandished it, and gave Weinstein an ultimatum: “You let me out of actuality appropriate now, or this is activity to accept austere consequences.”

She said Weinstein, laughing, asked, “Are you serious?” afore acceptance her to depart.

The abutting day, De Paula told her then-roommate about the declared adventure with Weinstein. The acquaintance told The Times that he remembered the conversation, abandoning a “distressed” De Paula anecdotic the contest at Weinstein’s loft.

“Mr. Weinstein says the adventure is a fabrication,” said Hofmeister, Weinstein’s spokeswoman.

A few months afterwards the declared incident, De Paula went to a Dec. 5 concert at Cipriani Wall Street area Aretha Franklin performed. Weinstein’s appearance was acclaimed in a columnist absolution recapping the event.

“He came up to me, cool nice — it seemed like it was somebody else,” said De Paula, who now lives in Brazil. “I didn’t accept the adventuresomeness to attending at him. I looked down.”

Weinstein asked for her buzz number. She declined.

Appearance looks entering

As with Hollywood, the Weinstein aspersion has prompted the appearance industry to appraise how women are advised and whether it is accomplishing abundant to assure accessible participants.

Several bodies interviewed for this commodity accustomed that Weinstein had, for years, a poor acceptability in the appearance business, but little if annihilation was anytime done to spotlight this. Some are acquisitive for big changes. On Tuesday, the Archetypal Alliance, a nonprofit barter group, issued a account saying, “No being should abide any array of exceptionable or inappropriate conduct, nor should our industry.”

Brock said that she hopes her claimed adventure about Weinstein ability advice activation change in the business.

“I achievement that from this moment on, adolescent girls, from every country, alpha to amount themselves as added than the altar the industry has consistently advised them as,” she said.

Staff biographer Victoria Kim contributed to this report.

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